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Who are the Lost Majority, and are you losing your workforce?

If you look at your workforce as being on a spectrum of mental health, people will appear at different points along that line.   At one end, you’ll have people who are doing just fine. They feel as though they’re on an even keel. If they have any worries or anxieties, they may get help by talking to a friend, using a mindfulness app, or journaling, and that will be enough to see them through.   At the other end of the spectrum, you might have people who ...

Fiona Thompson | Mental Wellbeing Writer

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Key worker and frontline staff burnout webinar recording and bonus materials

Watch the Kooth Work Key Worker Burnout webinar, hosted in collaboration with MAD World, Mind Blue Light, BACP, and West Midlands Ambulance Service.
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Under pressure: mental health in the emergency services

People who work in the emergency services – fire, ambulance, and police crew – carry out their jobs under highly-pressured conditions. Unlike most of us, they often deal with life-and-death situations every day. This ...
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What is a mental health support system? And should your school have one?

When you’re responsible for running a school or a multi-academy trust, setting up a mental health support system may not currently be near the top of your agenda. But maybe it should be. Anyone who works in education ...
How to tackle the great resignation with workplace wellbeing
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How to tackle the great resignation with workplace wellbeing

Kooth Work led a panel of heads of Wellbeing from PwC, John Lewis LLP and MHFA who shared their insights into the phenomenon of the Great Resignation. The panel explored Mental Wellbeing's ability to mitigate the risk of losing Key Talent. Watch the recording below. Synopsis How to tackle the ‘great resignation’ and attract talent Creating psychologically safe ...
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Opening up to psychologically safe workspaces

Most forward-thinking companies operate safe places to work. Yes, there can be bullies, or unpleasant colleagues, but on the whole, work isn’t an unsafe place to be. Dig a little deeper though, and isn’t it hard to ...
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Workplace bullying: damaging victims & making waves

We all hoped bullying would be left behind in the playground – something children did before they learned that actions have consequences. But whether it’s relentless criticism or abuse, unfair and unrealistic ...
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How imposter syndrome can thrive in the workplace

Even the most successful people can falter. People on TV, people who run big business, give lectures, run countries. Sometimes, in some situations, we can feel like an actor or a fraud. Like we’re not good enough. ...

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