HR Hurdles in 2022

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8 Major New HR Hurdles - and how to overcome them

For HR Directors and teams, supporting the mental health of their workforce looks set to become the defining challenge of our time. We know how much people have had to cope with so we shouldn’t be surprised if they bring this to work.

We hope that our clinical guidance in this report around culture, wellbeing, psychologically-safe workplaces and self-care will help HR leaders and their teams to get in the best shape to tackle what’s to come.


Helping you create a healthier, happier and mentally well workplace.

Kooth Work is the mental health platform supporting your employees through counselling, self-help resources and forums.



Instant access to support 

From peer-to-peer support to self-help articles and tools, to one-on-one counselling with an accredited professional, our platform is a complete mental health toolkit to support your employees in a way that suits them.  


Data that helps you, help them

As a business, you will receive aggregated reports and insights that will help maintain a happier and more productive workforce. As your new department of wellbeing specialists, we can work with you to create a wellbeing strategy based on live, actionable insights.


Trusted by the NHS for 20 years

Our digital platform has been providing BACP accredited services to the NHS for two decades. We have a 96% recommendation rate with our users.


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