Digital mental health platform for workforces under pressure
Kooth Work helps you measurably improve the mental wellbeing of your workforce

Anonymous digital mental health platform & discreet counselling for the workplace.

Award-winning technology and specialist clinical expertise


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BACP Accredited Counselling

BACP Accredited Counselling

mental health partner to the NHS

NHS Trusted

96% of users recommend our mental wellbeing platform

96% User Recommendation


Are work related pressures affecting the mental health of your workforce and impacting your business?


Are you struggling to support employees who don't want to open-up about their mental health?


Do you want to do more to improve your workforce's mental health but are unclear what support they need?

Release your workforce's potential using our anonymous digital mental wellbeing support platform and reporting.

Without first having visibility of the mental health needs of your workforce, you will struggle to provide the support they need:


Leaders try to guess what’s needed.

Initiatives miss the mark and investment is wasted.

Unable to measure impact or ROI.

Absenteeism rates impact your organisation.

Loyal staff take up the slack and burnout.

High churn rates and business failure are a serious risk.


Our team of clinical experts, data insights reporting and award-winning digital mental health platform provide clarity and the ability to create targeted strategies to improve your workforce mental health. Get started today.


Workforce Mental Health Check

Consultation & Counselling

Award-winning Digital Platform

How it works

Kooth Work clinical experts, insights and award-winning mental health technology provide you with the ability to create targeted strategies to improve your workforce mental health

Help leaders understand workforce needs.

You can’t make improvements without first engaging your employees to baseline the mental health of your workforce. Our Flourish workforce mental health check and Qwell reporting give wellbeing leaders visibility and insights. In doing this, we work with you to identify the key issues and strategies to improve your workforce mental health.

Staff can easily access peer-to-peer, self-help, and one-on-one counselling with a professional. Via their mobile device.

Provide workers easy access to support.

Our platform provides your employees with mental health tools and support that works.

Your staff can easily access peer-to-peer, self-therapy, and one-on-one counselling with a professional via their mobile device.

50% of your employees will never talk to their manager about mental health. Our anonymous platform provides them direct support and removes stigma.

Our digital mental health platform reporting helps you continually monitor progress and achieve your goals.

Insights to enable continuous improvement.

Anonymised trends and reports give you insights to help safeguard and improve the mental wellbeing of your workforce, enabling you to focus on continuous learning and improvement.

A specialist mental wellbeing platform for the workplace

Getting started with Kooth Work is easy...

You talk, we listen


To get started, simply schedule a call so we can understand your goals and challenges.



Go live with support

We help you implement support across your organisation via our digital platform.



See results


Monitor progress via our reporting. See improvements in as little as six weeks.



Proactively support your workforce’s mental health to release your People Potential.

Kooth Work’s digital mental health platform is used by NHS frontline workforces and private sector employers:

The leading mental health provider to the education sector and key worker employers



Case study
Kooth Work is the leading mental wellbeing provider to the healthcare sector and key worker employers



Case study
Kooth Work digital mental health supports emergency services and frontline workers



Case study
Kooth Work digital mental health is a leading provider for employers with keyworker, frontline staff and employees at risk of burnout



Case study

Over the past 20 years, our digital mental health platform and approach have proved effective at reaching people who need support but would normally go undetected. Join the growing number of organisations who trust Kooth Work to create meaningful outcomes through rich insights.

The 'how to' guide for building your workforce mental wellbeing strategy

Download your 'Framework Toolkit' today:


A framework toolkit designed for HR and Wellbeing leaders

For HR and Wellbeing leaders to create a mental wellbeing plan and support ecosystem to fit your workforce needs.

Written by leaders from HR, Clinical and Workplace Wellbeing, we provide the blueprint to better workforce mental health.  This framework toolkit will help you:

1. Adopt a clinical and data-led mental wellbeing strategy.
2. Align your support with culture and workforce needs.
3. Implement effective prevention and digital options.
4. Secure the investment and budget you need.
5. Continually improve your workforce's mental health and ROI.


How we help clients

digital mental health support Academy Trust and

“There has never been a more urgent need to adjust our curriculum and pedagogies to reflect the emerging landscape resulting from COVID-19 and DfE remote learning guidelines.

The education system needs to respond quickly but thoughtfully to help our children by evolving a new model which places equal emphasis on wellbeing and attainment”

Sir Mark Grundy
Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust and partner

Mental health support for teaching and university staff


“Mental Health is a team sport, it’s everybody’s business. Kooth is on the UWE team, partnering support services and giving staff a further signposting option.

Importantly, Kooth is alongside our students providing them constant access to a choice of interventions, including counselling by chat for those who are suffering or struggling, but who wish to remain anonymous.”

Professor Steven West
Vice Chancellor
University of West England

mental wellbeing support for emergency key workers and frontline staff


“Throughout our partnership, Kooth have consistently delivered on their promise of providing our staff with easy access to a reliable and clinically robust digital support service through the platform.

We’ve seen great staff engagement, and it’s a pleasure to work with a company that is focused on delivering the right care to people in the best way possible.”

Sarah Greswolde
Mental Wellbeing Practitioner
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust


mental health and wellbeing support for employers with managers under pressure

"As leaders of any organisation, we have a duty of care to ensure that the mental health and wellbeing of our staff is prioritised and that effective support is offered where needed. This means equipping our managers with the skills and knowledge of how to spot any signs of people struggling with mental health issues. Giving them the support to understand how and when to intervene or signpost in an appropriate and timely manner. We must also ensure that we're keeping an eye on our managers too, those who may be prioritising everyone else's needs above their own."

Ann Francke
Chief Executive
Chartered Management Institute

chief executive understand they need to provide mental health support within their organisation


“It is a privilege to be a part of this incredible campaign to signpost mental health support to students across the country alongside Kooth.

It’s essential for students to prioritise their health and wellbeing as they progress onto an undergraduate course or apprenticeship, especially as we know that many of them have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.”

Clare Marchant
Chief Executive

use digital mental health support to reach people locked out of traditional routes to wellbeing care

“We really care about our residents’ mental health and wellbeing and, for us, this is a fundamental pillar of what we stand for as an organisation. 

Working with Kooth, we will reach all students who are experiencing mental health concerns who may be currently ‘locked-out’ of traditional routes or experiencing a delay in care. This will be a complementary tool to help support universities in their drive to address this pressing issue”

Tom Rix
Managing Director, Operations
Aparto Hines Construction

we are ensuring our employees can access the mental wellbeing advice they need anytime, anywhere

"With access to the platform on a variety of mediums, we are ensuring our employees can access the advice they need anytime, anywhere”

We want to continue to drive change and promote an open conversation around mental health in the workplace and provide employees with a safe and confidential way to do so. With access to the platform on a variety of mediums, we are ensuring our employees can access the advice they need anytime, anywhere."

Matt Press
Chief Administrative Officer
Panmure Gordon
Banking & Financial

How can you provide employee mental health support that works?


Most business leaders understand that mental health affects their workforce and business.


The impact can be clearly seen through absenteeism reports, when key talent leave the organisation and when their business underperforms. What is unclear is what lies under the surface.


For business leaders who want to go beyond offering the emergency support of their incumbent EAP, finding the right type of employee mental health support to improve workforce mental health is often difficult.


Trying to understand which product and service make a difference can be very difficult.


Today's market is flooded with a myriad of mental health support options.


The problem is, there are too many unproven and potentially harmful solutions out there, and even good ones will have limited impact unless they are part of a strategy that addresses the risks relevant to your business.


Transform your workforce performance with Kooth Work.

Our workforce mental health check tool and clinical advisory team help you understand the mental health risks facing your workforce and develop targeted strategies to overcome these.

Our digital mental health platform and trained counsellor team enable you to address these hidden challenges, deliver support to hard-to-reach workers and provide interventions.


It makes it easy for your workers to access assistance via mobile devices discreetly at work, off-site or at home out of hours.


All support is anonymous and provided in a psychologically safe environment.

With regular anonymised reporting and the ongoing support of your Kooth Work Success Manager, you can monitor engagement and improvements in workforce mental health.


Talk to Kooth Work about transforming your workforce's mental health today.

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Start improving your workforce mental health today.


Your Kooth Work support includes:


  • A workforce mental health check
  • Clinical risks and recommendations report
  • Targeted engagement initiatives 
  • Easy-to-use mental health platform
  • Easy access to our clinical experts
  • Reporting and regular insights
  • A success manager to drive continual improvement




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