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Framework Toolkit

The 'how to' guide for building your workforce mental wellbeing strategy

For HR and Wellbeing leaders to create a mental wellbeing plan and support ecosystem to fit your workforce needs

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HR and Wellbeing leader's blueprint for workplace mental wellbeing strategy manual toolkit

A framework toolkit designed for HR and Wellbeing leaders

For HR and Wellbeing leaders there is no manual focused on how to develop a mental wellbeing framework and ecosystem of support for your workforce...until now.

Here is a practical 'how to' guide designed to help you formalise a mental wellbeing plan and tailor your support ecosystem to the specific needs of your workforce.

Written by leaders from HR, Clinical and Workplace Wellbeing, we provide the blueprint to better workforce mental health. This framework toolkit has three key stages:

  • UNDERSTAND: We show you how to use tools like Flourish to identify your workforce's need, assess your current capability gaps and set mental wellbeing specific strategy.

  • SUPPORT: We set out how to structure a plan that covers culture, clinically-guided options and employee engagement.

  • IMPROVE: How to show you KPI and reporting options, how to track improvement and tools to help build a business case for investment in improvements. 

Download the Blueprint manual and toolkit

  1. Adopt clinical and data-led mental wellbeing.
  2. Align support with culture and workforce needs.
  3. Implement effective prevention and digital options.
  4. Secure the investment and budget you need.
  5. Continually improve the mental health of your workforce and demonstrate ROI.


About Kooth Work

Measurably improving the mental wellbeing of workforces.

Assessments, mental health support and 1-2-1 BACP accredited counselling - all available via mobile device.

  • Stigma-free anonymous support
  • Easy access for frontline staff
  • Exceptional safeguarding standards
  • Mental health assessments
  • Trauma-informed support
  • BACP accredited counselling
  • Anonymised insights and reporting
  • Clinical recommendations
  • NHS mental health partner for 20+ years





Use our Flourish mental health check to understand your workforce needs. See the hidden mental health risks within your organisation and create targeted improvement strategies.



Use our Qwell platform to provide all your employees with easy access to professional support options and counselling, while your dedicated success manager supports you and your team.



Monitor outcomes and continually tailor support to your workforce's mental wellbeing needs. Measure improvements with detailed reporting and clinically-guided recommendations.


BACP accredited 

The only digital mental health platform with BACP accredited counselling.



Completely anonymous with accredited counselling for employees in need and signposting to approved crisis support options.



96% of employee users recommend Kooth and achieve mental wellbeing improvements. Our support has been used by the NHS for 20+ years.


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