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Improve your workforce's mental wellbeing with our award-winning employee mental health digital platform.

UK&I Offices

Talk: +44 20 3398  9048

Email: work@kooth.com

Kooth Work London United Kingdom Employee Mental Health


Kooth UK&I HQ

5 Merchant Square
London W2 1AY
United Kingdom

Kooth Work Manchester United Kingdom Workforce Mental Health


29 John Dalton St
Manchester M2 6FW
United Kingdom

US Offices

Kooth Work Pennsylvania United States Employee Mental Wellbeing


Kooth US HQ

150 Welles Street
PA 18704
United States

Kooth Work Missouri United States Workplace Mental Wellbeing


1828 Walnut St, 3rd floor
Kansas City
MO 64108
United States

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Start improving your workforce mental health today.


Your Kooth Work support includes:


  • A workforce mental health check
  • Report identifying key risk areas
  • A targeted plan to proactively address risks
  • Easy-to-access mental health technology
  • Access to a team of experienced clinical advisers
  • Reporting and regular insights
  • A success manager to drive continual improvement




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