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HR and employee wellbeing

How far should HR teams go to prioritise employee mental health?

It’s long been established that employee wellbeing is a predictor of better business performance. Workforces where wellbeing is prioritised show increased resilience, reduced absenteeism and turnover, higher engagement, and more productive and communicative teams.  HR teams have a big responsibility in championing this employee wellbeing and ingraining it within the workplace, whether it be through mitigating workplace stressors, training leaders, designing safe policies, creating a ...

Milly Bennett-Day | Writer

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HR and employee wellbeing
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Is your workplace psychologically safe?

In the era of the Great Resignation, HR teams are looking for new ways to attract and retain talent. One theory is gaining traction fast: psychological safety. But what is it? How can you achieve it? And how ...
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The psychology of employee satisfaction: fulfilling needs and giving purpose

According to a report from Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose and PwC, a whopping 70% of employees would consider leaving their role for a more fulfilling one. Some would even consider taking a hefty pay cut. 
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How compassionate leadership can attract and retain talent

What a time to be in HR. During the pandemic, you’ve had to juggle ever-changing rules and regulations, devise new systems, create new ways of working, help people feel safe, and still deliver on business goals. Now, ...
financial stress and employee burnout
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Financial stress and employee burnout

According to the Resolution Foundation, millions of families are facing a “cost-of-living catastrophe” in 2022. The think tank predicts that steep rises in energy bills and taxes, combined with stagnant wages, could result in households facing a typical income hit of £1,200 a year.
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Who are the Lost Majority, and are you losing your workforce?

If you look at your workforce as being on a spectrum of mental health, people will appear at different points along that line.
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Key worker and frontline staff burnout webinar recording and bonus materials

Watch the Kooth Work Key Worker Burnout webinar, hosted in collaboration with MAD World, Mind Blue Light, BACP, and West Midlands Ambulance Service.
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Under pressure: mental health in the emergency services

People who work in the emergency services – fire, ambulance, and police crew – carry out their jobs under highly-pressured conditions. Unlike most of us, they often deal with life-and-death situations every day. This ...

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