Understanding and supporting the mental health needs of key worker frontline staff webinar

key worker and frontline staff mental wellbeing webinar

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Workforce mental health webinar recording

Watch this Kooth Work webinar to understand how current social, technological, environmental and financial factors are affecting the workplace and the mental wellbeing of frontline staff.

Find out how as an employer, you can better support your public-facing staff and safeguard them against the mental health risks associated with their roles.


How do HR and heads of wellbeing develop effective programmes to support the mental health needs of their employees?

There is much that can be learnt from the approach of employers who have been, and continue to support colleagues through the toughest times.

In this webinar recording Kooth Work's Dr Brian Rock talks with mental wellbeing leaders from CABA and Retail Trust to hear about the types of issues currently affecting the mental health of frontline staff within their respective sectors.

Dr Brian Rock, Andrea Woodside and Paul Day reflect on what frontline staff are having to deal with in call centres, on the shop floor and in other public-facing work situations. We also consider other sectors such as emergency services and education.

The group talks about the impact of these interactions on the mental health of employees and what changes employers can make to their mental wellbeing support strategies to adapt to the new challenges created by the current social, technological, environmental and economic landscape.


Watch the webinar recording here

This webinar has now taken place. You can view the video of the webinar here.

Key workers and frontline staff

The term 'key worker' defines an employee who works in either the private or public sector in a profession that is considered to provide an essential service to society. This includes emergency services, but it also includes a host of other sectors including retail, utilities, banks, hospitality, insurance, education, charities, and local government to name a few.

The term 'front line staff' refers to workers who interact directly with customers and the public as part of their role. These are often customer service roles, call centres, first responders or people offering a public service.


A copy of the slides, audience poll results and supporting assets

You can access a copy of the slides and the poll results from the webinar here.


The webinar video covers

  • The pressures that key workers and frontline staff are facing
  • The factors impacting employee wellbeing and mental health
  • How employers can support different mental wellbeing needs: looking beyond the EAP and MHFAs towards a more proactive and preventative approach
  • Insights from frontline employers who are supporting colleagues and maintaining operations through challenging circumstances

Even if you don’t employ key workers, there is much that can be learnt from the approach of employers who have been and continue to support colleagues through the toughest times. We make our webinars as interactive as possible, so it’s a great opportunity to share ideas and tips with peers from across sectors.


About the panel:

  • Paul Day, Senior Support Officer (now Direct Support Manager), CABA (Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association)
  • Andrea Woodside, Training Lead, The Retail Trust
  • Dr Brian Rock, Clinical Director, Kooth Work

The content is designed for:

  • HR, Wellbeing, Health & Safety and Business & Culture Transformation Leaders
  • Engagement, Communication and L&D Leaders
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Leaders
  • Wellbeing Champions


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