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Battling Burnout

An Employer's Guide to Solving Burnout in your Organisation

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It's time to understand and acknowledge burnout in your workforce.

Many key workers who have worked throughout the pandemic have experienced trauma upon trauma. This has given burnout deep and complex roots that can be difficult to address within your organisation.

Practical guide
Our clinical team have developed a free practical guide for HR, Wellbeing and leadership teams to learn how burnout affects your workforce and new ways to address it in your organisation.

Workplace and clinical insights
This guide uses insights from respected psychologists, Wellbeing and HR experts, combined with data trends gathered from our live platform to bring you the most relevant and impactful advice in one handy document.


About Kooth Work

Protect your frontline and support staff against burnout and trauma.

Assessments, mental health support and 1-2-1 BACP accredited counselling - all available via mobile device.

  • Stigma free anonymous support
  • Easy access for frontline staff
  • Exceptional safeguarding standards
  • Mental health assessments
  • Trauma-informed support
  • BACP accredited counselling
  • Anonymised insights and reporting
  • Clinical recommendations
  • NHS mental health partner for 20+ years





Use our Flourish mental health assessments to understand the mental health risks hidden within your workforce and create targeted strategies.



Use our platform to provide employees with support options and easy access to BACP accredited counselling. While your dedicated success manager supports you and your team.



Continually improve your workforce mental wellbeing through anonymised reporting, employee engagement campaigns and strategic clinical recommendations.


BACP accredited counselling 

The only digital mental health platform with BACP accredited counselling.


Exceptional safeguarding

Completely anonymous with accredited counselling for employees in need and signposting to approved crisis support options.


Trusted by the NHS for 20 years

96% user approval rating.


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