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HR Guide to Managing Change

Next level leadership for managing change

HR’s role in nurturing leaders to support a wounded workforce

Change is a major source of anxiety and stress in workforces

Employees are struggling more than ever to adapt to change, uncertainty, and trauma. Without the right support systems in place, there is a direct impact on workforce wellbeing and productivity.

Perhaps more than most, HR professionals can see the need to steer their culture forward as the world of work continues to evolve.

HR's Role

We see a huge role for HR teams in developing and implementing capable workplace mental wellbeing support systems.

Developing next level leadership

Furthermore, HR plays a critical role in helping develop a new kind of leader. One that promotes and embodies a psychologically safe workplace, and has the tools to be able to provide the necessary employee mental health support - so that we can all thrive amid the change.

Read this guide to find out what Next Level Leadership looks like and what HR’s role is in achieving this.

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Managing Change, a guide to next level leadership and how HR can equip leaders

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About Kooth Work

Support the mental wellbeing of your workforce through periods of change with our digital mental health platform.

Assessments, self-therapy tools, safe peer community support and easy access to 1-2-1 professional counselling - all available from our digital platform.

Everything is anonymous and safe, which is essential for the 67% of your employees who would not talk to their manager about their mental health. 

Kooth digital mental health platform for employers

BACP accredited counselling 

The only BACP accredited digital mental health platform with professional counselling.

Exceptional safeguarding

Completely anonymous with accredited counselling for employees in need and signposting to approved crisis support options.

Trusted by the NHS for 20 years

96% of employees users would recommend our platform to their colleagues. 

How it works

For employers who want to help improve their workforce mental health

Anonymous digital mental health platform for the workplace.

How it works

1. Assess & benchmark

Flourish enables you understand the hidden mental health risks in your workforce. Benchmark your workforce's wellbeing and develop effective preventative support strategies.

2. Educate & engage

Data informed employee engagement packages including informative webinars to educate staff and content to support your improvement strategies.

3. Support & counsel

Immediate access to anonymous BACP accredited support and 1-2-1 counselling.


4. Report & improve

Your dedicated Success Manager delivers anonymised reporting and strategies to drive continuous improvement. 


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