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Working Parents

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Best ways to support the mental health of working parents

According to the ONS, around 43% of the UK’s workforce are parents. Working parents are vital to the workforce and are at an increased risk for stress and burnout. 

As HR and wellbeing leaders, we cannot solve all the financial, physical, and emotional challenges of being a parent. However, working to better understand this varied cohort can help us develop a more inclusive, adaptive workplace and culture. 

This guide contains top insights and practical advice from clinical experts, wellbeing executives, and recent research, alongside the voices of working parents. It can help you consider your workforce’s needs from several perspectives - and develop an effective wellbeing strategy from the early stages of benchmarking through to implementing and improving support options.


We would like to thank our friends at Mental Health at Work, a programme curated by Mind, the national mental health charity. They’ve kindly supported us throughout the development of this guide.