Most forward-thinking companies operate safe places to work. Yes, there can be bullies, or unpleasant colleagues, but on the whole, work isn’t an unsafe place to be. Dig a little deeper though, and isn’t it hard to be an honest version of yourself at work?

No-one wants to show vulnerability in front of workmates. Hardly any of us freely admit ignorance, confusion or weakness.

But what if your workplace allowed for that kind of openness? Could there be benefits to showing a level of honesty, even if that feels like the antithesis of regular, flawless work you?

Google thinks so. While looking into how teams can best function together, they rediscovered the idea of the ‘psychologically safe space’. It’s not a new idea, but it wasn’t something many businesses were thinking about.

And yet according to Google’s extensive research, the best performing teams operate in an environment where frailty is respected, confusion is shared and there are no stupid questions.

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